Holy Innocents - Fr Alex Saba

Former Clergy: Fr Alex Saba

Picture of Fr Alex SabaFather Alex was born in Secondi, Ghana but was raised in Togo, his home country - a tiny West African republic of four million inhabitants, situated between Benin to its east and Ghana to its west.

He was baptised at eight days old and grew up in a Catholic family. He went to a Catholic primary school and then continued his education with Les Freres des Ecoles Chretiennes. After completing his Baccalaureat (graduation from high school) he began training for the priesthood with the Comboni missionaries in Lome, Togo and studied Philosophy for three years at the Grand Seminaire Jean Paul II. He was sent to Congo for one year of spiritual training and a further two years of missionary experience.

Fr Saba was sent by his superiors to England to complete his training. There he gained a BA in Theology at The Missionary Institute in London before joining the Diocese of Southwark. He spent some time at The English Martyrs' Church in Walworth, the church of Christ The King in Wimbledon and St John's Seminary, Wonersh before his first appointment as Assistant Priest at Holy Innocents.

Father Alex speaks nine languages - Ouatch, Ewe, Mina, Lingala, Gun, French, English and 'a bit of Spanish and Italian'.

After serving at Holy Innocents he was appointed Assistant Priest at Tooting Bec (St. Anselm). He is now the Parish Priest at Hartley (The Oratory of St. Francis De Sales).

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